Get the best out of Board Off

Video tutorials to help you learn to use the application and be more efficient.

Reservations & Planning

Find the quickest ways to work with the schedule & dashboard.

Create a Reservation

How to quickly schedule a new reservation.

Drag & Drop Reservation

How to edit a reservation using drag & drop.

Resize a Reservation

Change the duration of a reservation using drag & drop.

Edit Details of a Reservation

View and edit the details of a reservation with one click.

Filtering your Reservations

Use this trick to organize your view of the calendar.

Account Setup

How to get onboarding done in no time.

Adding Your Packages

How to add any kind of package or service.

Adding Your Instructors

How to quickly add all your instructors and invite them to their instructor accounts.

Adding Your Students

Add your student list and use it to run your center more efficiently.

Adding Your Renters

Add your renter list and use it to run your center more efficiently.

Adding Equipment

Find out how to add all of your equipment in Board Off.

Adding a Custom Sport Package

How to add a service for a sport that is not listed.

Instructor Accounts

How to setup and use instructor accounts.

Resend Instructor Invitation

Get your instructors to use their accounts.

Changing Student Levels

Keeping track of student improvements.

Using IKO Levels

Using the International Kiteboarding Organization levels to keep track of student improvement.

Instructor Availability

How to set your availability for each day of the week.

Switching Between Centers

How to switch between different centers that you work at.


Learn how to record payments and print invoices.

Recording a Payment

How to record a payment and print an invoice.

Paying an Instructor

How to record your payments to employees.

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