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Let your center run itself with Board Off.

Planning and online bookings with a beautiful, easy-to-use web application.
Built for centers.

Spend time in the water, not your office.

Reschedule reservations and notify customers with one click. Don't waste time with emails and phone calls to clients. Access your information and calculate payments instantly.

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Get more customers through online bookings.

Allow your customers to schedule reservations without any phone calls or emails. Just setup your account and get started.

Online Bookings
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Say goodbye to paper

Store everything in the cloud. Access your information anytime and anywhere from your laptop, phone, or tablet.

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Make instructors happy

Each instructor gets their own account to see their schedule, set their availability, and more.

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Improve your business

Detailed analytics provide valuable insights on how to optimize and improve your center.

Trusted around the world.

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Get back out on the water while we handle the management.

You have many things to do as a business owner and we understand that. Stop worrying about the planning, rescheduling, payment calculations, and team coordination. Let us do that for you.



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