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Board Off Platform

What We Do

Live Tracking

No More Paper Records

All of your center's information can be stored in our application which is backed up to the cloud. Keep your data more secure while reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

Online Bookings

Increase Profits

No more printing costs or paying overtime for employees to calculate payment numbers. Significantly reduce the amount of work needed at the front desk to manage customers and scheduling.

Smart Payments

Save Time

Our software allows you to record and access information in mere seconds. No more searching through paper records or spreadsheets trying to find information or calculate numbers by hand.

Watch How Board Off Can Help Your Center

Total Management

Board Off handles everything that you need to run your center on a day-to-day basis, with automatic calculations and an easy to use interface, making managing your center easier than ever.

What Our Customers Say

  • I am very happy for my organization because we are using the Board Off application for our school and everything will be easier and faster for important items such as lesson and rental planning, equipment, instructors, client payment, and much more.

    – Virginie Rochette
    Kite-On, Brazil

  • My favorite thing about Board Off is the easy to use interface and analytics that give us a clear view of past activities of instructors and the center.

    – Kerem Balik
    Advance Kiting, Turkey

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