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Reservations and bookings in one place.

Visualize all the data you need to see every day.


Create data

Quick access to add reservations, students, renters, instructors, and equipment.


Drag & Drop

Seamlessly edit reservation times, durations, and instructors. Your clients will be notified automatically.



View a summary of your daily payments to stay on track.


Get online bookings.

Receive online reservations and get paid in advance within minutes.

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Incredibly Smart

We did not build the online bookings feature to just get the job done, we build it to do the job for you. Our smart algorithm finds the available dates and times for your customers and provides them with the best options.

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Easily Editable

We want you to save both time and money, so we decided you should deal with less. Once customers have paid for a booking, they can edit their reservations, saving you the hassle of countless emails and phone calls.

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Guarded Securely

We partner with some of the biggest companies in payment processing to make sure that all transactions are secure. You always get the full details of each transaction.

Advanced Functionality

Features to help you do more.

Each of the features added to Board Off was requested by our customers and has been added for centers like yours.

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Instructor Accounts

Make team collaboration seamless.

Help your instructors perform better by giving them access to their schedule and students.

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Live schedule updates.

Each instructor gets access to their personal schedule, students, and finances.

Instant lesson feedback.

View student ratings and feedback to learn how well you are doing and how you can improve!

Powerful settings.

Instructors get the option to set their availability for lessons. They are also able to change the level of their students as they improve.

Automatic salary calculation.

Board Off automatically calculates instructor salaries using your preferences.

Data Analytics

Understand your business.

We provide rich tables and charts with useful data that can help you understand how your center is performing as a business and how you can be even better.

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