Why use Online Bookings

Talib Kateeb

Why book online? It’s going to make your life easier. You get to spend less time focusing on the organizational aspects of booking classes for your clients and more time in the water doing what you love. You are the expert at teaching your sport. Trust us to be your experts in providing the perfect online booking program. Board Off offers your customers the ability to book online directly in your own website or through a link to our site.

Using a program that assists you in booking online will not only improve your experience as a school owner/manager, but also as an instructor. Imagine never having to schedule a reservation by answering the phone. Never having to write down all the information about a customer. Never have to waste time on the screen planning ahead. Plus, all of your instructors can view their updated schedules right on their phones without you doing anything. Your center will constantly be able to have customers reserve lessons and rentals without any of your staff having to attend to them. In addition, you will be receiving the payment for the reservation right away rather than waiting for them to come to the center and pay after the reservation.

Online Bookings Center View

But your experience isn't the only thing that matters. Customer experience is what is going to make your school stand out. When your customer is looking to take lessons or rent equipment from a center in the area they are in, the first thing they do is go online. Plus, online bookings is even more attractive to those traveling and trying to plan in advance.

We make it easy for them to book online! In just a few single steps, they are going to enter their personal information, pick the time slots they want based on your availability, rent the equipment that they need and make the payment.

Where does that leave you? Happy customers, happy instructors!