Understanding Board Off Analytics

Zach Panzarino

The Analytics page in your Board Off account provides a ton of information about your center. You can use this page to understand how your center is doing as a business and learn what needs to be done to improve it.

At the top, you can see a historical overview of your center's important information: the total reservations made, total customers, and total payments.

The Lessons per Instructor section provides you with your lessons per instructor for the selected month. Coupled with the Average Teaching Hours per Day section, this can be used to find out which of your instructors have been giving the most lessons and who has been giving the least. With this you can easily figure out if you need to make adjustments or changes to your staff.

The Session Stats section shows a graph that gives a breakdown per day, in hours or income, of how your center has performed in the selected month. You can see how many lessons vs. rentals have been reserved and how that affects your income. You can also see how much revenue you generate from in person reservations vs. online bookings. You can utilize this to learn how your center could be earning even more than it is now.

Session Stats

The Lesson Type and Rental Type Charts will allow you to understand which packages you offer are most sought after and are generating the most revenue for your center. That way you can have more staff focused on those packages and optimize the amount of money you earn.

The only way to improve a business is by learning what works and what doesn't. There is no other existing solution for watersports centers that can help you improve your operating efficiency. Sign up now to start using analytics to optimize your business and make more money.