The Ultimate Wave Riding Experience

Talib Kateeb

Surfing is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, water sports out there. It is a surface water sport where the surfer rides a board on the face of a wave. There is an estimated number of 35 million surfers world wide, and that number will probably increase after the sport makes its debut in the 2020 Olympics.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to take surf lessons, here are three centers that have great coaching to get you to ride a wave, as well as help you improve your skills if you are already a surfer.

Our first center is from down under. Located in a town called Elliott Heads in Australia, the water sports center Undertow offers a variety of packages for kite, SUP, and of course surfing. The coaches are experienced with all board types and shapes and can help you train no matter what skill level you are at. All their boards are hand shaped by the owner of the center.

Known as one of South Africa’s most popular surfing destinations, Surf Emporium is located on the Muizenberg beachfront Surfers Corner in Capetown. This center has a proven track record for high quality coaching and equipment rentals. They offer surf packages for all levels as well as adults and children the same. They also offer holiday surf camps for kids or adults, where beginner and intermediate surfers can join groups to improve their skills.

Located on the beautiful uninhabited Greek island known as Keros, Surf Club Keros is a water sports center that prides itself on being a playground. “You don’t need 6ft Hawaiian waves and barrels to surf. A famous surfer once said: The best surfer out there, is the surfer having the most fun”. With a mentality of creating a fun experience for their students, Surf Club Keros can teach you the basics of surfing while you take on the summer waves in Limnos.