How To: Instagram Marketing

Talib Kateeb

After creating an Instagram account for your center you might be looking for ways to use it to bring in more customers.

Here are some tips on how to market your center on Instagram:

Follow related accounts

  • You should go look for accounts that are related to the sports you offer. For example, if you have a kiteboarding school, you should look for athletes, equipment brands, and other kiteboarding centers on Instagram, and give them a follow.
  • You should then like and comment on highly viewed accounts in order to get more Instagram users to notice your center.

Post to your story

  • Post about your center on your story everyday you are there. Even if it is just a nice picture of the beach. The more people who see those, the more potential customers.

Post to your account

  • You don’t want to be posting to your feed everyday, because you could risk people unfollowing you for spam posts, but posting once a week is a good idea to get more people to see more about your center.
  • Make your posts have meat. Meaning don’t just post a picture of the beach on your feed, that belongs on your story. You want your feed to be filled with quality. Posts of videos of water sports tricks with the title of the trick for example is a great idea.

Instagram is one of the largest social media applications in the world with over a billion users. Making it a great platform to advertise your business and increase the number of customers your center gets on a yearly basis.