How To: Facebook Marketing

Talib Kateeb

Your center has a Facebook page and you want to use it to gain more customers, but you're not quite sure what to do.

Here are some tips on how to market your center on Facebook:

Post cool videos and beautiful pictures

  • People love to watch flashy water sports tricks or look at beautiful scenic pictures. Post pictures and videos from your center and your location daily or weekly in order to get more people to be interested in visiting.

Join Facebook groups that are in your industry

  • If you have a kiteboarding school, you should join as many of the kiteboarding groups on Facebook as you can. If you have multiple sports at your school, join all of them!
  • Post on these groups! Many groups won’t allow you to flat out advertise your center, but posting about things that happen there, such as one of your instructors performing a difficult trick, will definitely get attention.
  • Like/Comment/Share. Get more users to notice you when liking and commenting on posts related to your field as well as sharing posts you think are worth sharing.

Facebook ads

  • Although it is expensive to advertise all over the world, if you are trying to grow your local customer rate, this is a great method.
  • Facebook ads allow you to select your audience in different ways so you can tailor it to people interested in the sports you offer.

In 2020, everyone is constantly on the internet, and Facebook connects all of them. Getting your business noticed on Facebook can be a great way to gain many more customers, so make sure to take advantage of these tips in order to maximize your center's full potential.