Getting More Customers Through Online Bookings

Talib Kateeb

Online bookings is a powerful tool that has helped you with the headaches of scheduling and payment processing. But you might be wondering if there is more that you can use the Online Bookings feature for.

Online Bookings

You can use Online Bookings to drive traffic to your center’s website. By sharing the link to your website with the embedded bookings, or the link we provide you, your center will be able to gain more customers from social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. If someone messages you asking to set up a reservation, all you have to do is send one link! The ability to give your customers a link where they can reserve and pay, then edit their reservation is exactly what customers are looking for in this technological age.

You can also give your customers a discount if they book online. This creates an incentive for them to book online and pay you immediately rather than waiting to come to the center to reserve and pay. Plus, when they pay ahead of time online you know they won't miss their reservation.

Online bookings is a very powerful tool. Make sure you get the most out of it so you can not just make your life easier, but also make more money.