Experience SUP

Talib Kateeb

Stand Up Paddleboarding, or SUP, has gained great popularity over the recent years. It's a great water sport that can be enjoyed by professionals and amateurs the same. It originally started in Tahiti in the 1940’s and is a mix between surfing and paddling.

The idea came about when Waikiki beach boys figured out they can use a longboard and a paddle to take pictures of the people on the beach. And so SUP became a sport.

One of the best things about SUP is the freedom you have. You can choose ride your board in still or wavy waters, and you can paddle either with or against the current. SUP is what you make of it, whether you want to go fast and far or just want to get out on the water and relax.

So if you have never tried SUP before or if you are looking to share the activity with others, here are three schools that do a great job of providing a memorable SUP experience in addition to the other watersports they offer.

First on our list is Loving Surf Essaouira. This center offers great SUP packages such as a SUP Island Ride for 2-3 people, in addition to being a kite and surfing center. Located on Avenue Princesse Lalla Amina, in Essaouira, Morocco, a crew of passionate coaches can help you become a pro SUP rider. “The best part of our day is watching our students progress”. Younes, Susan, and Rachid, work together to create a great environment for learning water sports. “Our students and guests become lifelong friends”. So if you’re ever in Morocco and looking for a hospitable and fun environment to learn SUP, definitely give them a visit!

In addition to being one of the best kiteboarding centers in Greece, Paros Kite Pro Center offers an amazing experience to uncover little beaches along the coastline of Antiparos. You can either rent SUP boards with your friends and go discover the waters by yourselves, or you could contact the center and have them arrange a SUP adventure tour for you and your group. The center is located in Pounda Parikias on the beautiful Greek island Paros.

Last on our list but definitely not least, is Kook Proof Activity Center. This school offers a variety of watersports lessons and rentals. For their SUP packages, they can teach you basic skills on flat waters all the way to wave-riding in the ocean like a pro. They can take you to a peaceful lagoon for a calm experience or to spots with challenging waves for a more adrenaline filled experience. The center is located on Rua de Central, in Esposende, Portugal.

So if you haven't tried SUP yet, now is the time to get out there and give it a try!