0.02 Knots from Breaking World Record

Talib Kateeb

With excellent wind conditions at the 2019 Luderitz Speed Challenge in Namibia, an almost historic moment occurred when a young windsurfer attempted to break a world record. Four years ago, Antoune Albeau set the world record for windsurfing speed with 53.27 knots.

Now this record still stands to be broken after Vincent Valkenaers, a Belgian windsurfer came close to breaking the record after reaching 53.25 knots but falling short from the history books. Valkenaers did however set a new national speed windsurfing record. Racing down the 500 meter strip with winds at 60 knots, it was his 12th attempt when he almost broke the record. It was even believed initially that he became the new holder of the record when the organization had him at 53.33 knots, but the video timing controller had something else to say. In 4 of his attempts he was riding at above 50 knots, which showed that he was getting close to that record.

You can watch him in action below:


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