Customer Case Study: Advance Kiting

Kerem is a renowned kiteboarder, having both competed and judged at many freestyle kiteboarding competitions around the world. Currently he is an owner and instructor at Advance Kiting, on the West Coast of Turkey. Advance Kiting started as a group of competition riders practicing every day and sharing their knowledge with locals.

As this community of kite lovers was growing every day, the riders decided to create Advance Kiting to share their love of kiteboarding with as many people as they could. However, Kerem soon found that with all these students there was a lot of paperwork, and he would have to put in a lot more work outside of the water.

So, he turned to Board Off to help him manage his center. Using Board Off he was able to schedule all of his lessons, keep track of finances, and view statistics about his center with ease. This allowed him to get back out on the water and share his passion with more people. Here's what Kerem had to say about Board Off: "My favorite thing about Board Off is the easy to use interface and analytics that give us a clear view of past activities of instructors and the center."

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